My favorite question:

And is that

set in stone?

Reading between the numbers:

Tax consultancy and auditing with
heart and soul.

Thinking outside the box, questioning things, getting to the bottom of everything: I am never satisfied with the answer: "That's just the way it is." This is precisely where my service begins! I am fully committed to your tax interests and by applying my know-how and international experience. I will find the best solution for you.

Due to by family background, I have a special understanding of enterprises, their structures and challenges.

Whatever your concern is, I'll take matters into my own hands. And if more extensive resources are required, I have a large network of independent consultants at my disposal, born in Austria and abroad.

    Career path:

  • Tax consultant, since 2003

  • Chartered Accountant, since 2008

  • Accredited expert witness, since 2013

  • Management consultant, since 2019

  • Partner in internationally operating accounting and tax consulting firms

  • Leadership positions in an international association of tax consulting and accounting firms

  • Many years of consulting and auditing practise in Southeast and Eastern Europe for international companies

Seeing the big picture:

From the R&D tax credit to tax audits.

All-rounder or specialist? Both! Regardless of whether you need advice on the subject of the R&D tax credit, you want to sell your company, or you want to be supported during an extensive tax audit: I will apply my comprehensive experience to support you.

    Due to the legal obligation to confidentiality, the following is only a general excerpt from the portfolio:

  • Consultancy on obtaining, documenting, and securing the R&D tax credit in accordance with Sect. 108c of the Austrian Income Tax Act (§ 108c EStG)

  • Consultancy on a variety of M&A transactions both in Austria and in Eastern Europe

  • Supervision of complex tax audits

  • Auditing of annual and consolidated financial statements of internationally operating and publicly owned companies or outsourced legal entities

  • Forensic investigations to uncover fraudulent actions by management or employees

Maximising the benefits:

Leitgeb services at a glance.


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